Hanta virus symptoms and Preventive measures of this virus

What is Hanta virus?

“Hanta virus in the Americas are known as “New World” this virus and may cause this virus pulmonary syndrome (HPS). Other hanta virus, known as “Old World” hanta virus, are found mostly in Europe and Asia and may cause hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome.

According to the news of global Times, 32 people have been investigated in the bus in which the person infected with hanta virus was boarded.

These days we are facing a world disease that’s is corona virus. whole world is surrounded by this virus. biggest countries are in problems. they don’t have proper vaccine.but now ,we are listing and showing a anther virus from china.this virus is also dangers for all people.

Hanta virus is a new virus that's found in china. one person is died from this virus and 32 people are infected from this virus.

The Center for Disease Control says that the virus is spread mainly from rodents. It goes on to say that infection with any of this virus can cause disease in people.

Even when the world is trying to find a cure for the dreaded corona virus pandemic, a report in Global Times said that a man from China’s Yunnan province died from this virus while on a bus to the Shandong province.

Symptoms of hanta virus. ?

According to the CDC report, the virus is transmitted from mice.

If a person puts is hand on his face after touching the feces or urine or saliva of mice , then there is an increased chance of getting infected.

however, the virus generally does not pass from person. It may take one to eight weeks for the infection to be detected.

If a person is infected with this virus, he may suffer from fever, pain, cold, body pain, vomiting.

If the condition of infected person worsens, there may be difficulty in filling the lungs with water and breathing.

In January 2019, nine people infected with this virus died in patagonia . after this , tourist were also warned.

According to an estimate then , there were 60 cases of people infected with the hanta virus , out of which 50 were quarantined.

According to the CDC, death rate in this virus virus is 38% and there is no ‘specific treatment’ of this disease.

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