U.S. Citizen Civics online question answer quiz 2020 part- 4

Hi guys today we are talking about U.S. Citizen Civics quiz. If you are resident of U.S. or you are Citizen of U.S. then the questions are most important for your Civics knowledge. During your U.S. Citizen Civics interview, the Interviewer will ask you up to 10 of the 100 U.S. Citizen Civics questions to test your knowledge of U.S. history, government, geography, symbols and holidays.

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You can increase your knowledge and basic information. 10 important questions are in this quiz. if you want to increase your basic knowledge then this quiz will be helpful for you. All questions will be based in basic knowledge. we will give you some basic information and there laws, rule and regulation of u.s.

Q.-1. What is the supreme law of the land in U.S. ?

  • A. The Constitution.
  • B. The unity.
  • C. The equality.
  • D. All of Above.

Q.-2. What does the constitution do ?

  • A. Sets up the government.
  • B. defines the government.
  • C. Protects basic rights of u.s.
  • D. all of above.

Q.-3. The idea of self government is in the first three words of the constitution. what are these words ?

  • A. We the people.
  • B. We are human.
  • C.We are Americans.
  • D. none of these.

Q.-4. What is the amendment ?

  • A. A change( to the constitution.)
  • B. An addition ( to the constitution.)
  • C. both A & B
  • D. none of these.

Q.-5. What do we call the first ten amendment to the constitution ?

  • A. The bills of rights.
  • B. The bills of unity.
  • C. The bills of citizens.
  • D. none of these.

Q.-6. What is one right for freedom from the first amendment ?

  • A. speech & religion.
  • B. assembly & press.
  • C. petition the government.
  • D. all of above.

Q.-7. How many amendments does the constitution have ?

  • A. twenty five.
  • B. twenty six.
  • C. twenty seven.
  • D. twenty eight.

Q.-8. What did the declaration of independence do ?

  • A. announced our independence. ( from great britain )
  • B. declared our independence. ( from great britain )
  • C. said that the united states in free. ( from great britain )
  • D. all of above.

Q.-9. What are two rights in the declaration of independence ?

  • A. Life
  • B. liberty.
  • C. pursuit of happiness.
  • D. all of above.

Q.-10. What is the freedom of religion ?

  • A. liberty of citizens.
  • B. liberty of votes.
  • C.you can practice any religion,or not practice a religion.
  • D. none of these.

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