U.S. Citizen Civics online question answer quiz 2020 part- 6

Hi guys today we are talking about U.S. Citizen Civics quiz. If you are resident of U.S. or you are Citizen of U.S. then the questions are most important for your Civics knowledge. During your U.S. Citizen Civics interview, the Interviewer will ask you up to 10 of the 100 U.S. Citizen Civics questions to test your knowledge of U.S. history, government, geography, symbols and holidays.

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ten most impotent questions are provided. you can increase your knowledge by these questions. lets start now.

Q.-1. Why did the colonist fight the British. ?

  • A. because of high taxes.
  • B. because the British army stayed in their houses.
  • C. because they didn’t have self-government.
  • D. all of above.

Q.-2. Who wrote the deceleration of independence. ?

  • A. Thomas (Jefferson)
  • B. Thomas Adisan
  • C. Thomas Nyutan
  • D. Thomas Jecerbarg

Q.-3. When was the declaration of independence adopted. ?

  • A. July 4, 1776
  • B. June 4, 1776
  • C. July 5, 1776
  • D. June 5, 1776

Q.-4. What happened at the constitutional convention. ?

  • A. The constitution was written.
  • B. The founding fathers wrote the constitution.
  • C. both A & B
  • D. none of these.

Q.-5. Who is the “father of our country.” ?

  • A. (George ) Washington.
  • B. Alex Carry.
  • C. Jeams Chedvik.
  • D. none of these .

Q.-6. Who was the first president of u.s. ?

A. Jeams Chedvik.

B. Alex Carry.

C. (George ) Washington.

D. none of these .

Q.-7. What territory did the united states by from France in 1803. ?

  • A. The Louisiana Territory.
  • B. Louisiana.
  • C. both A & B
  • D. none of these.

Q.-8. Name of U.S. war between the North and the South. ?

  • A.The civil war.
  • B. The war between the states.
  • C. both A & B
  • D. none of these.

Q.-9. Name one war fought by the u.s. in 1800. ?

  • A. War of 1812 & Civil war.
  • B. Mexican-American war.
  • C. Spanish- American war.
  • D. all of above.

Q.-10. Name one problem that led to the Civil war. ?

  • A. Slavery.
  • B. Economics Reasons.
  • C. States ‘ Rights.
  • D. All of above.
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