U.S. Citizen Civics online question answer quiz 2020 part- 7

Hi guys today we are talking about U.S. Citizen Civics quiz. If you are resident of U.S. or you are Citizen of U.S. then the questions are most important for your Civics knowledge. During your U.S. Citizen Civics interview, the Interviewer will ask you up to 10 of the 100 U.S. Citizen Civics questions to test your knowledge of U.S. history, government, geography, symbols and holidays.

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today we are talking about u.s. basic information and basic knowledge. you can increase your knowledge by this citizenship quiz.

Q.-1. What did Susan B. Anthony do.?

  • A. fought for women’s right.
  • B. fought for civil right.
  • C. both A & B
  • D. none of these.

Q.-2. When was the constitution written.?

  • A. 1687
  • B. 1787
  • C. 1887
  • D. 1987

Q.-3.Who was President during World War-1. ?

  • A. Donald Trump.
  • B. Barak Obama.
  • C. (Woodrow) Wilson.
  • D. none of these.

Q.-4. Who was president during the great depression and world war-2.?

A. Donald Trump.

B. Barak Obama.

C. (Woodrow) Wilson.

D. (Franklin)Roosevelt.

Q.-5. Who did the u.s. fight in world war-2.?

  • A. Japan.
  • B. Germany.
  • C.Italy.
  • D. all of above.

Q.-6. Before he was President,Eisenhower was a general.What war was he is in.?

  • A. World War-1
  • B. World War-2
  • C. both A & B
  • D. none of these.

Q.-7. During the cold war,what was the main concern of the u.s. ?

  • A. Communism.
  • B. Citizen Rules.
  • C. Country Rules.
  • D. all of above.

Q.-8. What movement tried to end racial discrimination.?

  • A.Civil Rights.
  • B. Human Rights.
  • C.Citizen rights.
  • D. All of above

Q.-9. What did Martin Luther King Jr. do.?

  • A.Fought for civil rights.
  • B.Worked for equality for all Americans.
  • C. Both A & B
  • D. None of these.

Q.-10. What major event happened on September 11,2001 in u.s.?

  • A.Terrorist Attacked the u.s.
  • B. Independence celebration.
  • Bomb Blast Attack.
  • D. none of these.
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