USA Civics Citizen Online Question Answer Quiz 2020 Part-14

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Hi guys today we are talking about U.S. Citizen Civics quiz. If you are resident of U.S. or you are Citizen of U.S. then the question are most important for your Civics knowledge. During your U.S. Citizen Civics interview, the Interviewer will ask you up to 10 of the 100 U.S. Citizen Civics questions to test your knowledge of U.S. history, government, geography, symbols and holidays. You must answer 6 out of 10 questions correctly to pass the U.S. Citizen Civics portion of the U.S. Citizen Civics test.


USA Civics Citizen Online Question Answer Quiz

Today we are taking about Abraham Lincoln’s history and their participation in u.s. history.

Q.-1.When was Abraham Lincoln First sworn in as president of u.s. ?

  • A. 20 January 1869
  • B. 4 March 1861
  • C. 20 January 1869
  • D. 4 March 1869

Q.-2. When was Abraham Lincoln born.?

  • A. 26 January 1800
  • B. 1 March 1805
  • C. 12 February 1809
  • D. 9 September 1816

Q.-3. Where was Abraham Lincoln born. ?

  • A. Libreville.
  • B. New York.
  • C. Hodgenville.
  • D. Austin.

Q.-4. In which war Abraham Lincoln a captain ?

A. Panama.

B. Black Hawk.

C. Mexican.

D. Balkan war-2

Q.-5. To which political party did Abraham Lincoln belong when he became President?

  • A.Democratic.
  • B. Republican.
  • C. Green.
  • D. Conservative.

Q.-6. Who was Abraham Lincoln’s running mate for Presidental election 1860 ?

  • A. Andrew Johnson.
  • B. John bell.
  • C. Hannibal Hamlin.
  • D. Stephen a. Douglas.

Q.-7. When did Emancipation Proclamation come into effect ?

  • A. 1 January 1861
  • B. 1 January 1863
  • C. 4 July 1864
  • D. 25 December 1862

Q.-8. Which famous address did Abraham Lincoln give on 19 November 1863 ?

  • A. New York.
  • B. Washington.
  • C. Gettysburg.
  • D. Philadelphia.

Q.-9. Abraham Lincoln was shot on 14 April 1865. What was the significance of that day?

  • A. Ash Wednesday.
  • B. Maundy Thursday.
  • C. Good Friday.
  • D. Easter Sunday.

Q.-10. How is Abraham Lincoln’s life described ?

  • A. from dog house to pent house.
  • B. from log house to white house.
  • C. from green house to red house.
  • D. from here to eternity.

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